Hey 👋 I'm Alex, a lead strategic, creative and digital designer.

Based in London, I work globally with the world's leading brands, bringing our shared visions to life across projects involving strategic, branding and digital product design outcomes.

Alex Gamble in a creative brand design meeting.
Alex Gamble leading a digital design workshop
Alex Gamble in a creative brand design meeting.
Alex Gamble leading a digital design workshop


With over a decade of experience as a creative and digital designer, I have successfully navigated through various sectors and diverse projects. This journey has encompassed roles within award-winning Top 100 agency environments and as an external consultant collaborating directly with the world’s top brands.

Functioning in lead positions within senior teams, I maintain a hands-on approach, collaborating with individuals possessing the requisite and diversified skill sets crucial for delivering successful outcomes. My commitment lies in ensuring that audience aspirations and customer requirements remain at the core of my work, fostering the creation of unique, effective, and enduring solutions. My strength lies in thoroughly understanding a brand and its products/services. This involves conducting objective research, gaining insights into audiences, staying abreast of the latest trends, methodology, and technology. I approach each project with a fresh perspective, guaranteeing that all outcomes are not only creative but also effectively communicate the intended messages. Moreover, I ensure that the experiences are immersive, always aligned with project and business objectives. I am passionate about seeking opportunities where I can contribute to building a culture that challenges standards and perspectives. My aim is to instill a hunger for success within teams and clients, aligning with their passion and drive as I do.


Avoiding clichés, particularly since the onset of the pandemic, has allowed me to cultivate a healthier and more sustainable work-life balance. This shift has been instrumental in approaching tasks with a clearer mindset, dedicating the necessary time to each endeavor, and ultimately yielding more creative solutions.

Not only has this period enabled me to forge new friendships, but it has also marked a significant improvement in my overall mental and physical well-being for the first time since starting my career. These newfound connections encourage me to explore various activities, such as open water swimming, fostering a sense of adventure in my life. I’ve embraced opportunities to cycle more, run more, and actively participate in a myriad of events.

Beyond personal well-being, this flexible work approach has granted me the freedom to travel more extensively and immerse myself authentically in the places I visit. Embracing my art direction background, I’ve recently ventured into photography for pure enjoyment. This newfound hobby not only allows me to exercise my observation skills but also enhances my appreciation for local cultures, making each moment away more meaningful and enriching.

Brands I've helped.

Sectors I've worked in.

Healthcare & Life Sciences / Events / Professional Services / Luxury Fashion & Retail / Food & Beverage / Travel & Leisure / Manufacturing / Education / Sport / Business & Finance / Charity & Non-Profit / Aviation / Technology / White Label & Consultancy

What I do.

I work with, not for, businesses and teams as a partner, fostering relationships that drive the development of brand, digital, and communication strategies. My approach involves challenging the status quo, introducing innovation, and crafting solutions that effectively address business challenges. By providing an external perspective, I bring insights that comprehend customer needs while recognizing the necessity for pragmatic and sustainable outcomes, essential for ensuring enduring success in the long term.


Playing dumb, knowing nothing, asking the right questions. This allows me to go on a journey of discovery and comparison empathising with customers.


Being informed and inspired I innovate convincing and coherent experiences that are relatable, immersive and leave no detail undetermined. 


Refining and designing the individual touch-points that connect brands directly with customers, building platforms and resources for every step of the journey.

Out of Office.

I invest my time and engage with experiences that broaden my perspective and throw myself into situations well outside of my comfort zone. I try to take learnings from the most unexpected places. This refreshing approach has given me more awareness and headspace to feed back into my creative output rather than being chained to my desk and using the same sources of inspiration as everyone else.