Escape Fitness

Lifting digital experiences to the next level and taking on new challenges within the online marketplace in a post pandemic world.

Site Audit / Market Research / Audience Personas / Strategy / Information Architecture / UX Design / Visual Design / Development Support / Art Direction / Brand Development / Digital & Social Content

The Challenge

Founded in 1998, Escape Fitness has built a reputation for product innovation, quality and design. Escape has helped improve the workout experiences of athletes and the membership engagement of over 1000 fitness clubs and key distributors in 80 countries.

2020 was a challenging year for a large number of businesses due to the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic. This has greatly impacted consumer trends and buying habits. Especially across the sport and fitness sector, as gyms and other facilities were closed, individuals took up new activities, and changed the environments they exercise in. This is especially evident for Escape Fitness who have seen a big shift in sales pushing them into the B2C consumer market with people requiring equipment at home for their workouts. This highlighted that certain aspects of the brand and digital platforms were heavily B2B and commercially focussed. Sales teams were also not able to meet in person with their clients meaning new digital solutions could fill the void.

The project goal was to deliver effective and innovative solutions that connected Escape Fitness with their audiences, both business and consumer, allowing customers to complete interactions in an engaging way with ease.

Website Audit
Market Research
Customer Personas

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