Cooking up a storm within the food industry, uniting consumer and corporate brands for a coherent mission (and great taste).

Workshop / Audit & Research / Sitemap / Information Architecture / UX Design & Wireframes / Visual & UI Design / Website Build / Hosting & Support

The Challenge

In a challenging climate for food retail, the goal was to create a clear proposition and presentation of services that enabled the Finnebrogue brand to communicate with both retail consumers along with commercial partners in a digital environment. Individual product brands had started to gain more traction with key audiences and their individual brand stories had started to fragment across different platforms.

By introducing a new corporate and consumer identity, the Finnebrogue master brand became the glue to hold the strategy together. Sub-brands would be incorporated into newly formed product categories, subsequently, the good work each did for social and environmental causes would need to be presented in a new format. All of which created the need for a new digital strategy, multiple websites to be consolidated into a single new one, fresh packaging designs to be reflected online, commercial services represented and the original founders story to be told.

Working with people that inspire me.

Having collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands across a diverse range of sectors, I am proud to have been able to create designs and experiences that have positively impacted peoples lives.

University of East Anglia

Redefining campus culture with boundless opportunity, responsibility & diversity, we tell the story of student life.

Expedia Group

Building a modular brand that unlocks access to one of the world's largest travel platforms for partners worldwide.